About Us

Coalesce & Bonds was formed to acknowledge, recognise, and support individuals who work extremely hard within the corporate world.

Our vision is to bring to you a service like no other, recognising the need to reconnect in these challenging times, providing you with ongoing physical and mental support throughout your daily life

Every aspect of Coalesce and Bonds is designed about you and for you

We have core company values that allow us to give back and achieve our company’s mission, providing you with high quality standards of work ethics, like no other.

Each service is person centred to make your daily life easy to manage, embracing your corporate and private life on a whole.

Coalesce and bonds will give you an exclusive experience that you will never forget, because making you a priority is our priority


We would like to assure you that all Maids, Butlers and Personal Assistants are vetted and have the aptitude to carry out your personal specifications. Our company follows a strict discretionary and confidential screening process to ensure the highest of standards are met. All parties realise the importance of your privacy and discretion. We hold you in high regard.